From May 12th to May 31st, 3rd year of Reiwa, the holiday period will be postponed to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

We will be closed from April 25th to May 11th, 3rd year of Reiwa to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Ome studio  Old house

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Japanese old houses studio, surrounded by nature of Built 150 years, site area 350 square meters. The front door and the kitchen in the building dirt floor, there is a stove that it is possible to actually use, you feel old-fashioned atmosphere. Plates of the front and up the front door is also possible to cause the actual fire there is a hearth. The color tone, color and There is no doubt that it will be finished as a satisfying work.

Eifuku studio   Japanese-style house

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This house studio of the Japanese house drifting atmosphere of Showa to be built before 60 years.Inokashira line “Nishi Eifuku Station” a 5-minute walk from, located in Eifuku of Suginami Ward, which is easy to access from the city center, the wide entrance to the two-between continued Japanese-style room and a long veranda of about 8m, large garden is characterized. Japanese-style room are 8 tatami mats 2 rooms, there is a 6-mat 1 room for a total of 3 rooms, plates or bedroom to the other, dining and sunny modern Western study and the various types of room.

Komone studio   Clinic

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First floor are decorated with an emphasis on “clinic”, the situation of the classic, such as the examination room, hospital room (private room) is, of course, there is a reception, waiting area which arranged the counter. Rental costumes and such as lab coats, hospital-related accessories, such as a stethoscope There are also available. Two bedrooms + bathroom apartment floor consisting of a living room, Japanese-style room, the bedroom, which was the image of a space to live a couple of the early 30s to the second floor. About 12 Pledge of living is summarized in the furniture, which was based on bright natural color, alcove depicting the Earl of features Japanese-style has become a modern taste. Third floor is a DOJO. Tatami, has become a possible remodeling of the plates and are two, dojo of 62㎡ is available as a place for a variety of practice.

Akatsutsumi-2 studio House

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This is a house studio with a 3LDK loft. The interior and fittings are based on white, and are packed with the latest equipment for shallow construction, such as underfloor heating, bathroom drying and heating ventilation system, tableware dryer, and intercom with monitor. In our studio, the studio with the loft is only our studio. In addition, the exterior of the building is an environment where it is easy to take pictures of scenes coming in and out facing the road in front of the gate, entrance, pouch, and parking lot.